Boondocking and Drycamping

This is quite an interesting topic: is Boondocking or Wildcamping (that is camping without hookups (water, electric or sewer) in any location, usually an undeveloped area, without paying to stay there) illegal or is it legal in some instances depending on where you park? Then there is ‘Dry Camping’ which is paying to stay in a campground without hookups or limited amenities. How do you feel about Boondocking and Drycamping?

These websites and blogs discuss the finer details of these two forms of camping, and where you can locate these types of ‘campgrounds’.

Tucker and Janae live and travel full-time in a 5th wheel RV with their two dogs, Marvel and Cap. Their goal is to visit all 50 states in the USA and all 63 national parks.

Living in an RV allows them to travel full-time with the luxury of taking their home with them everywhere they go!

They are passionate about sharing RV life with others and helping them to live out their travel dreams just like they are. They share very helpful RV and travel related articles on their website, such as these about Boondocking

Boondockers Welcome is built by RVers, for RVers. It is a venue where RVers can connect and welcome each other to camp on their property, with no expectations of being paid in anything more than gratitude and a pay-it-forward spirit. Hosting RVers is so easy and gratifying – there’s no need to clean the bathroom or make up the guest bed. And there are always exciting travel stories to be shared, so conversation, if you’re interested in it, is always easy and enjoyable. Join the growing community of Boondockers Welcome, either as a host, as a guest, or as both. 

See for yourself how much the journey is improved by the friends you make along the way…

Bob Wells was tired of living the rat race and a life filled with hyper-consumerism–always buying things looking for contentment, but never finding it. Instead, he returned to the original, truly human roots of tribal nomadism. He adopted a life of travel and adventure by living in a vehicle like a car, van or RV and living a life of simplicity and minimalism. He has been doing this for over 14 years and thrives on the freedom and peace that it brings him.

Have a look at his incredible website to be intrigued and inspired to follow your dreams and take steps towards joining the nomadic tribe! Read this article about Boondocking

Don and Joyce are mobility and health challenged partners living with Jummah (kitty) and Squeedle (chiweenie) in a 23′ travel trailer towed with a retired Uhaul box truck.

They believe that being disabled and living on a low income shouldn’t mean you can’t have fun, be happy and enjoy nature. Their goal is to provide ADA reviews of all the free or low-cost places they’re able to visit. If they can go there, so can you! 

Look at the information on their website about the Places that they have Boondocked at

A quirky family of four (two humans, two dogs) that love traveling, new experiences, exploring the outdoors, and finding the joy in life. They don’t love being tied down or squeezed into “little boxes” – which is why they decided to sell everything they owned, move into a van, and adventure full time since April 2017. In that time, they’ve learned a thing or two about building vans and living in them. Gnomad Home has grown into a top resource for van builders everywhere. 

Their guides have helped many people break out of their comfort zones and embark on their own vanlife journeys – here is one about boondocking… 

Jim and Rene sold their home and nearly everything they owned in 2007 to travel the country with their dog Jerry, who lost a leg to cancer. Today they continue to travel full-time with their three-legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray, while managing Tripawds – the largest online community for amputee pets and their people – from their mobile headquarters and jewelry studio. 

Visit for nomadic lifestyle tips and videos about boondocking, solar power, satellite internet, workamping, and making a living from anywhere.

Click this link to read their posts on boondocking…

Melissa and Wade, a fulltime RV traveling couple, show you how they travel cheap without a retirement fund, a remote fulltime job, or a trust fund. Just two middle-aged people who left the rat race for something different. It has been almost 2 years since they hit the road.  They have seen 15 National Parks, 20 National Monuments, camped in 21 states, gone to 7 countries and logged 20,000 miles on their RV. And they have $5,000 more in the bank than when they left!

Read their articles to find out what they have to say about Boondocking.

Aaron, Lauren and their two children are on a quest to simplify and live larger with less. By getting rid of most of their possessions they hit the reset button on their commitments, by hitting the road with an RV and a truck full-time. They have been able to focus more on their kids, and making life-long memories with each other.

At the 6 month mark of being on the road, they announced that their initial one year plan had been extended. Until when? Who knows. They’re loving this lifestyle way too much to put an end date on it. There is way too much to see to rush through the USA for a year. They are now just living life one day at a time and having a blast seeing new opportunities come up and meeting new people all the time!

Check out their posts on Boondocking on their Blog here…

Trebventure is a minimalist family of five, currently living in a self converted school bus. Brandon and Ashley’s mobile app business has been so successful that it has allowed Ashley to be able to stay home with the kids, and pursue the things that she is passionate about: homeschooling, blogging, and traveling. Living small has taken the pressure off of Brandon, allowing him to take time off when he wants, work on projects he loves and work remote. The freedom that minimalist living allows is the best opportunity they have ever been given.

Have a look at their terrific blog here and read about their top 5 places on the internet where they find free overnight camping spots

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Workamping for Full-time RV Travelers

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