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Setting up a website or blog might seem like a simple thing to do, but oh boy, there are so very many tiny details you need to know before you even sign up with a hosting company. 

Below you will find experienced Nomads and professionals who can help you work through this process and make the decisions you need to in order to start your online journey. There are also tips and tricks for those who have sites already set up. Or you can just get a company to set one up for you – so much easier and quicker!

Paul Minors currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a digital nomad working as a Productivity Blogger and a Virtual Consultant. He is obsessed with productivity, automation, optimising his time and income so that he can live on his terms.

Click here to have a look at his fantastic website and watch his video on tips for creating your own website.

This is the amazing website of a Digital Nomad family of 3, who left South Africa in March 2017 and are slow traveling around the globe. This course (Your Freedom Blueprint) that they have created, will teach you the skills and systems needed to start your own location independent digital marketing company. You do not need fancy equipment or any online skills, to get started. From creating websites to chatbots and everything in between (e.g. sales funnels, creating a logo, finding your first client, drop shipping etc etc). 

Check this site out! There is even a free Mini Course that you can do.

Nora Dunn, originally from Canada, slow traveled the world full-time for 12 years (through over 55 countries and 5 continents), and still travels for half the year! She’s an expert on travel, personal finance (as a former Certified Financial Planner), and lifestyle design. She’s lived a variety of lifestyles by working in trade for free accommodation. Her location independent writing career takes care of the rest of the expenses. She has got a ton of content on her website. Since 2007, she’s perfected the art of traveling full-time in a financially sustainable way. If you’d like to learn how to do the same, then check out her brilliant site.

For her post on how to start a travel blog with sponsorships, click the button below here… 

Transcend Your Limits is the place to learn about veganism, becoming a digital nomad, passive income, psychology and personal development. Stef shares travel tips, lifehacks and much more. He believes that everyone has the ability to improve themselves and unlock their potential. This site is full of actually useful personal development articles that you’ll WANT to read and use. 

Here is his well written and very clear post on how to set up your first website

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