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This is a (growing) list (in alphabetical order) of Digital Nomads’ websites. Nomads that have been traveling full-time for a while now (some as much as 20 years!), and have great experience living this type of amazing lifestyle. 

Read their beautiful stories, very helpful advice, and detailed information; learn from them; absorb their passion, exuberance and ability to think big; and then sculpt your own fantastic journey right now. 

Don’t wait! Just do it! Start somewhere and you will never regret it…

A Globe Well Travelled:

Ashlea is from Australia, she is a vegetarian and is super organised. She loves photography and exploring the world, having tried many different forms of travel from backpacking in hostels to luxury cruising, but she generally considers herself a budget traveller. Ashlea has been to 44 countries over 5 continents so far, with only Africa and Antarctica still unchecked! Her mission is to inspire people to live an adventurous and sustainable lifestyle

Read her well written articles about life as a digital nomad here… 

Bob Wells was tired of living the rat race and a life filled with hyper-consumerism–always buying things looking for contentment, but never finding it. Instead, he returned to the original, truly human roots of tribal nomadism. He adopted a life of travel and adventure by living in a vehicle like a car, van or RV and living a life of simplicity and minimalism. He has been doing this for over 14 years and thrives on the freedom and peace that it brings him.

Have a look at his incredible website to be intrigued and inspired to follow your dreams and take steps towards joining the nomadic tribe

Hannah (a third generation worldschooler) has traveled on all six inhabited continents, using many forms of transportation. As a kid, she wandered with her parents and three brothers. 

Now, she continues the adventure on her own. Her blog is home to almost a decade of her travel experiences. She shares stories of childhood adventures around the world, tips on travel, study abroad, and how to “make it happen,” plus what it was like to transition from worldschooling to studying at one of Canada’s top universities.

Enjoy reading this very real, down-to-earth fantastic Digital Nomads website…

Matthew Karsten has been traveling around the world for the last 9 years as a blogger, photographer, and digital nomad. Adventure travel & photography are his passions. Let him inspire you to travel more with crazy stories, photography, and money-saving tips. 

He will show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities. To visit places that you didn’t even know existed!

The Moorhouse family currently calls North Carolina home, but in 2019-2020 they set out on a year-long cross-country RV adventure with their daughter who has Autism.

The Moorhouses began their really fantastic Family Adventure For All website to inspire and encourage other families with special needs to RV travel and enjoy family adventures together.

Click here to view their wonderful very indepth and helpful posts on Becoming a Digital Nomad

Dan and Lindsay McKenzie have been traveling the world together for 10 years. They founded Follow Your Detour after facing life-altering news that inspired them to embrace and take a detour in life. Their detour led them to full-time RVing in April of 2016 and they’ve been traveling the U.S. and creating their own path ever since.

They provide tips and resources for other couples interested in finding their own version of “The American Dream” and creating a not-so-cookie-cutter life. They recently adopted a beautiful boy and share their journey as new parents navigating the open road in a Class A motorhome.

Lauren is a full time traveler and digital nomad, traveling for 4 years she has been to 48 countries. Through well-written travel stories, itineraries, and photos she hopes to inspire others to see the world in a new light, and to explore it themselves.

Have a look at her beautifully set out travel website here…


A quirky family of four (two humans, two dogs) that love traveling, new experiences, exploring the outdoors, and finding the joy in life. They don’t love being tied down or squeezed into “little boxes” – which is why they decided to sell everything they owned, move into a van, and adventure full time since April 2017. In that time, they’ve learned a thing or two about building vans and living in them. Gnomad Home has grown into a top resource for van builders everywhere. 

Their guides have helped many people break out of their comfort zones and embark on their own vanlife journeys. Have a look at their site and find out the details of being a digital nomad… 

Nick and Dariece are Canadian Travel Bloggers with an aim to show others how to earn money online, on the road and on-the-go, so that they can make travel a bigger part of their lives. They have been traveling for over 8 years and their motto is: Keep your life on your back and get more back from your life!

There is lots and lots to have a look at on their website – so check it out here by clicking on this link…

Becca and Dan are travelers, photographers and adventurers. They are dedicated to sharing their travel guides, travel photos, travel advice and much more with you!

Are you looking for ways to improve your home office? Searching for how to network and find a remote job? Their remote work tip guides feature everything you need to know about all the benefits of remote work. Are you about to take your next trip? See their favourite travel hacks that have helped them travel all around the world!

Heath and Alyssa, from Texas, are full-time RVers (for over four years) sharing their experiences of growing their mobile businesses, to help others enjoy remote work and full-time travel as well. They have wonderful resources for people who want to live, work and travel in an RV.

Study their videos, podcasts and articles on their very well put together site here…


Mike and Oshin have been full time traveling for over 7 years. This incredible blog is about where they go, what inspires them, and explains in detail the numerous ways how they consistently make money online to foot the bill on a travel-intensive lifestyle. Their primary objective is to help and motivate others to pick up a passport, get a remote job and explore it –to find balance and improve their quality of life.

Have a look at their website chock-a-block full of fascinating information

Jodi Etternberg, quit her job as a lawyer in 2008 to visit Siberia. She planned to take only a year sabbatical to travel the world but never returned to the law. Instead, as a celiac, she ended up living the Nomadic Lifestyle with exciting work in food, public speaking, and storytelling.

In 2017, a botched spinal tap derailed her life and left her disabled. Her work and travels ground to a halt. Legal Nomads now reflects her new reality: she shares lessons from the road, and also how to cope with grief and chronic pain. And how to cultivate the resilience required to navigate tough times.

Legal Nomads remains a place to connect with others through curiosity and discovery.  Read her fantastic page: Resources for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers here…

Jim and Rene sold their home and nearly everything they owned in 2007 to travel the country with their dog Jerry, who lost a leg to cancer. Today they continue to travel full-time with their three-legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray, while managing Tripawds – the largest online community for amputee pets and their people – from their mobile headquarters and jewelry studio. 

Visit for nomadic lifestyle tips and videos about boondocking, solar power, satellite internet, workamping, and making a living from anywhere.

Fabienne and Ben are 2 bloggers, authors, and web entrepreneurs from the french part of Switzerland. After working for 2 years in Vienna, they left backpacking around the world for 19 months (2013-2015). This was a real “life changing” experience and they discovered during this trip what the words “freedom” and “flexibility” really mean.

Since then, they have been moving forward on the path of web entrepreneurship, embracing the digital nomad lifestyle

You can read all about their lifestyle, travels, and hikes on their blog…

Gaby and Kristen’s website is full of real, actionable information that guides you, step-by-step, into the digital nomad lifestyle – representing the idea of maximum travel with minimum baggage (and not just the luggage kind). One Bag Nomad exists to help you leave all the unnecessary behind and to save time by finding all the information you need in one place.

Peruse this awesome site and learn the finer details of being a Digital Nomad.

Paul Minors currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a digital nomad working as a Productivity Blogger and a Virtual Consultant. He is obsessed with productivity, automation, and optimising his time and income so that he can live on his terms.

Click here to have a look at this fantastic Digital Nomads website and read his post on how to protect your digital life.

In 2005, Howard & Linda Payne quit their corporate jobs, sold their house at age 41, and started a life on the road in an RV for an indefinite period, as they felt there was more to life than what traditional society expected.  They started, where Howard took the mounds of research he’d done and compiled it into one place for others considering full-time RVing.  They opened up their lives and posted their journey, their triumphs and mistakes, and their financial information for a more complete, honest look at full-time RVing. 

Howard and Linda also worked a variety of jobs on the road to support their lifestyle.  Their diversity of experiences, age, and background combine to create an interesting perspective on RV living and being a Digital Nomad.

Katie Larsen, is a 26 year old nomad whose passion for the outdoors has grown immensely over the years, making stationary life feel just about impossible. She finds that her quality of life and overall attitude is best when she has fresh air in her lungs and dirt between her toes. Living on the road has opened the realm of remote work, something that she has absolutely fallen in love with. She is a strong believer in living balanced and this lifestyle allows her to achieve just that. 

She has posts about fulltime van life and remote work that will definitely encourage you in the right direction… 

Will Hatton has been an adventurer and entrepreneur for 10 years. He is passionate about real adventures; freezing peaks and steaming jungles, crashing waves and raging rivers; if it gets his heart pumping and his blood racing, he is down. The goal of The Broke Backpacker is to show budding adventurers how to ditch their desks, hit the road and discover the intoxicating levels of freedom that can only be found while traveling the world. Will believes that travel is the ultimate learning experience and that when you are out of your comfort zone, this is when you learn the most.

What a website! That’s all I can say… have fun reading all Will’s incredible posts.

This is the amazing website of a Digital Nomad family of 3, who left South Africa in March 2017 and are slow traveling around the globe having incredibly fun adventures. 

They have so much very useful advice and information to share with you, as well as informative interviews with other experienced Nomads. Enjoy reading!

This website is all about the travels of a family of four from Belgium. They say that the world is out there to discover and they can’t wait to see as much of it as possible. They want to discover all the magic that’s out there and then share it with you.

Their website is family-orientated and wonderful to read. Be informed by checking out their posts about being a digital nomad and traveling with kids.


Bex Band is a full-time adventurer and passionate conservationist. Her previous adventures include hiking the 1000km Israel Trail, kick-scooting the length of the USA and kayaking the width of the UK against plastic pollution.

Bex founded the Uk’s largest women’s adventure community Love Her Wild, has published a book Three Stripes South, and has reached over 1million people via her blog.

She has so much enthusiasm and knowledge to share. Have a look at her very informative article about The Pro’s and Con’s of Being a Digital Nomad here…

Nora Dunn, originally from Canada, slow traveled the world full-time for 12 years (through over 55 countries and 5 continents), and still travels for half the year! She’s an expert on travel, personal finance (as a former Certified Financial Planner), and lifestyle design. She’s lived a variety of lifestyles by working in trade for free accommodation. Her location independent writing career takes care of the rest of the expenses. 

She has got a ton of content on her website. Since 2007, she’s perfected the art of traveling full-time in a financially sustainable way. If you’d like to learn how to do the same, then check out her brilliant site.

Reshma Narasing, who began the website The Solo Globetrotter, graduated as an Electronics and Communications Engineer. But left her well paying job to do what made her happy: travel and writing. On her site, you will find travel guides, itineraries and solo travel tips to over 35+ countries.

You will find all the resources to travel independently, right from inspiration to itineraries to travel hacks.

She wants to show that everyone can travel – “You don’t have to be afraid to step out of your home alone seeking adventures and experiences. Your passport and social limitations don’t have to stop you. And finally that you DO NOT need a lot of money to explore this beautiful world.” Have a look at her site here…

Ka and Katie Sundance and their 6 children are originally from Germany, but have now established a home base in Costa Rica for their world travels. They have been traveling with their family full time for over 15 years. Their fundamental aim is to show new and aspiring business owners, coaches and artists, how to transform their lives and businesses, to manifest more purpose, abundance and freedom!

Click this link to find out what they have to say about being a Digital Nomad.

Transcend Your Limits is the place to learn about veganism, becoming a digital nomad, passive income, psychology and personal development. Stef shares travel tips, lifehacks and much more. He believes that everyone has the ability to improve themselves and unlock their potential. 

This Digital Nomads website is full of actually useful personal development articles that you’ll WANT to read and use. Have a look round!

Tom Grond has been traveling the world CONTINUOUSLY since December 2012 and turned his passion for traveling into a lifestyle. Although he experiences working on the road as extremely difficult, he found a way to fund his travels through his travel blog, with tips for your next adventure.

After visiting more than 100 countries, Traveltomtom found new travel inspiration in visiting off the beaten path places, which led him to Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan at the end of 2019. He is slowly aiming to visit every country in the world!

Chelsea and Matt travel the world full time with their daughter Kailen, who’s already been to 16 countries. Through location independent employment, they gained the freedom of mobility and gave up the comforts of the suburbs. All their possessions fit in their backpacks. Through this experience they learned that collecting memories, not things, is the best way to live. 

Revel in their wanderlust and let them help you plan your next adventure.

Wand’rly is an online magazine, put together by Nathan and Renee who are full time travellers having travelled in a variety of rigs with their three children for over 10 years. This is a website full of articles on how to get yourself to the full-time traveling lifestyle, the best places to go once you do, and occasional interviews with other people already doing it.

Get lost in their site full of creatively written guides on how to be a digital nomad.

Jesper and Cecilie, along with their 1 dog, and 3 kids, are full-time travelers in a big red bus. They share their experiences of how it is to travel the world with children while unschooling or worldschooling.

This vegan family has been traveling for many years, but took the step to become full-time travelers in 2018 when they bought a beautiful bus, and started traveling and enjoying the world as their classroom.

Enjoy their down-to-earth wonderful article on life as Digital Nomads here…

You cannot be a Digital Nomad without the all important Internet! Here are some tips, and advice on this vital tool for all full-time travelers who work online:

Wifi Tips

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