Skoolies & Bus Conversions

There are so many things to know about travelling full time in a converted bus: from where to buy a bus, what to look out for in a second-hand bus, how to convert it, and then how to maintain it yourself. 

These links lead to the sites of very experienced full time RV traveling nomads that have loads of fascinating information to share with you. Have fun learning and being informed!

American Field Trip:

The Bowmans – Madison (a writer) and David (photographer and Graphic Designer) from NYC, with their two children have been travelling in a converted bus full time around USA, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. 

Read all about their conversion details and lessons they learnt on their website.

Bus Life Adventure was created by professional snowboarder Brock Butterfield. He currently lives in his 4×4 short school bus full time, chasing storms in the winter and meeting others in the summer who live full time on the road in vehicles of their choice. Brock donates his time to give advice and guidance to those looking to build their first mobile home on wheels.

Check out this site with almost everything you will need to know about bus life.

Shane and Julie have eight children and have been living in a bus for over eight years. This is the welcome on their blog: “…so you stopped by our bus conversion blog because you want to know more about the crazy family of 10 that live in their second converted school bus. Or maybe you have read about us in a recent publication and it sparked your curiosity and you want to know more. Or possibly you are in the midst of a bus conversion yourself and you need some inspiration or help. If any of those previous statements apply to you then you are at the right place.  If not, maybe something has disrupted the space time continuum and brought you here.  If that is the case then its your destiny to be here as well.”

Soooooo… click here and enjoy their information on converting a school bus

Outbound Living was created to share the experiences of nomads living the van life. They aim to bring the van life community closer together and inspire others to live life on the road. They encourage people to challenge the norms of society, escape their comfort zones, and live a minimalistic lifestyle filled with passion, purpose, and happiness. Their mission: To create, curate, and share the most comprehensive and inspiring van life adventures. 

They have excellent stories, tips and how-tos e.g. read this van conversion guide

Trebventure is a minimalist family of five, currently living in a self converted school bus. Brandon and Ashley’s mobile app business has been so successful that it has allowed Ashley to be able to stay home with the kids, and pursue the things that she is passionate about: homeschooling, blogging, and traveling. Living small has taken the pressure off of Brandon, allowing him to take time off when he wants, work on projects he loves and work remote. The freedom that minimalist living allows is the best opportunity they have ever been given.

Have a look at their terrific blog here and read their posts about their school bus conversion

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