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Traveling full-time with a large family i.e. four or more children, can be a very daunting task, full of challenges, and it is also very costly if you do not plan carefully. Large family travel has many ups and downs, but is definitely worth all the craziness!

We have gathered together some websites, blogs and groups of experienced Worldschoolers with large families, that can teach you some helpful tricks, and arm you with tips that will make traveling a whole lot easier and cheaper.

Here’s to awesome big families! And Travel!!

Ka and Katie Sundance and their 6 children are originally from Germany, but have now established a home base in Costa Rica for their world travels. They have been traveling with their family full time for over 15 years. 

Their fundamental aim is to show new and aspiring business owners, coaches and artists how to transform their lives and businesses, to manifest more purpose, abundance and freedom!

Click this link to find out what they have to say about Worldschooling and traveling with their 6 children.

Chris, Leslie, and their 5 kids, packed up, sold everything, and left their regular life to travel the world in 2018. They’ve explored Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and South and Central America.

Their goals are to empower other families to travel more, to break the mould of society and expectations they feel like they “should” fill, and to really LIVE the way they want to.  They love their full-time travels and desire to be a platform for learning more about full-time travel, especially for families

They run several successful businesses and have become experts at balancing the family/digital nomad life. They want to show everyone that travel with kids is, not only possible but enjoyable! Check out their awesome jam-packed informative site here…

Rachel and John are a travel-loving married couple with 4 young children (aged 6, 4, 2 & 1). They have visited many countries in all corners of the globe prior to having children, and have always been keen to continue this lifestyle with their own kids.

In 2019, they made the decision to leave their lives behind and live full-time in their vintage motorhome, while they explored Western Europe and Morocco. Inspired to document and share some of these unforgettable experiences, they started an online family travel blog. They love the freedom and simplicity that this way of living brings, while also improving their sustainability and reducing waste

The blog also includes van life, homeschooling and parenting advice, at a time when this has proven unexpectedly useful due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and enforced school closures.

Skyler and Ross, with their 5 kids, packed everything up and changed their life. They wanted to have adventures and see the world as a family: to create shared memories and to see what the world had in store for them.

They decided to share the ups and the downs of a crazy, real, and imperfect family of 7 traveling the world and trying to live a richer, more fulfilling and memorable life: Learning Brave is a website with fun and crazy travel stories, as well as tips and tricks for family travel. They also run international Teen Adventures Tours

Read all about their large family travel adventures here…

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