Meals while Traveling

Whether you need to find out where the best / cheapest / safest restaurants are; how you can find vegan convenience foods; the places to go for vegetarian menus; if it’s possible to locate gluten-free or lactose-free or sugar-free items where you are traveling to… This is the section to find out all this information about having successful meals while traveling, and loads (loads) more. 

Click on the links below to take you to the best advice, suggestions, and websites to resolve your dietary needs while on-the-go.

Happy meal planning!

7 Way Finders:

Chris, Leslie, and their 5 kids, packed up, sold everything, and left their regular life to travel the world in 2018. They’ve explored Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and South and Central America.

Their goals are to empower other families to travel more, to break the mould of society and expectations they feel like they “should” fill, and to really LIVE the way they want to.  They love their full-time travels and desire to be a platform for learning more about full-time travel, especially for families. 

They run several successful businesses and are experts at balancing the family/digital nomad life. They want to show everyone that travel with kids is, not only possible but enjoyable! Check out their awesome jam-packed informative site here… 

The Moorhouse family currently calls North Carolina home, but in 2019-2020 they set out on a year-long cross-country RV adventure with their daughter who has Autism.

The Moorhouses began their really fantastic Family Adventure For All website to inspire and encourage other families with special needs to RV travel and enjoy family adventures together.

Click here to view their wonderful very indepth and helpful post on how to make Delicious and Easy RV Meals while traveling

Jodi Etternberg, quit her job as a lawyer in 2008 to visit Siberia. She planned to take only a year sabbatical to travel the world but never returned to the law. Instead, as a celiac, she ended up living the Nomadic Lifestyle with exciting work in food, public speaking, and storytelling.

In 2017, a botched spinal tap derailed her life and left her disabled. Her work and travels ground to a halt. Legal Nomads now reflects her new reality: she shares lessons from the road, and also how to cope with grief and chronic pain. And how to cultivate the resilience required to navigate tough times.

Legal Nomads remains a place to connect with others through curiosity and discovery.  Read her fantastic Gluten-free Guides for Traveling here…

Ka and Katie Sundance and their 6 children are originally from Germany, but have now established a home base in Costa Rica for their world travels. They have been traveling with their family full time for over 15 years. Their fundamental aim is to show new and aspiring business owners, coaches and artists, how to transform their lives and businesses, to manifest more purpose, abundance and freedom!

Click this link to find out what they have to say about the best Vegan, Organic Restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam, and how to eat healthy on long flights or meals while traveling.

Transcend Your Limits is the place to learn all about veganism, becoming a digital nomad, passive income, psychology and true personal development. Stef shares travel tips, lifehacks and much more.

He believes that everyone has the ability to improve themselves and unlock their full potential. This site is loaded with actually useful personal development articles that you will WANT to read and use. 

Here is his well written and very informative post on being a vegan while traveling…

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If you or someone you are traveling with has Special Needs, you can read lots of advice and tips on how to make your travels easier whilst dealing with this issue:

Special Needs and Traveling Advice

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