‘Home’schooling is learning outside of the public or private school environment and there are many different ways to do this (and it does not have to be in a physical home / house, it can be while travelling full time). Whether you are trying to decide between Unit Studies, or the Waldorf way, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, an Online Curriculum, or the Classical method – there is a link below that can help you make your decision. If you are having issues with the curriculum that you have chosen, then there is also a website below that can help you to find a solution. 

All the very best with your Worldschooling adventure!

Bus Life Adventure was created by professional snowboarder Brock Butterfield. He currently lives in his 4×4 short school bus full time, chasing storms in the winter and meeting others in the summer who live full time on the road in vehicles of their choice. Brock donates his time to give advice and guidance to those looking to build their first mobile home on wheels. Check out this site with almost everything you will need to know about bus life.

This article is about homeschooling on the road.

This is a travel blog put together by a mom from South Africa (The Cape) who travels with her son. They share excellent tips and  advice on homeschooling while travelling. They also have interviews of 14 travelling families with their answers to how to conquer fears of worldschooling, what curriculums they use, how they homeschool etc.

You can read all this very useful information by clicking on this link…

Trebventure is a minimalist family of five, currently living in a self converted school bus. Brandon and Ashley’s mobile app business has been so successful that it has allowed Ashley to be able to stay home with the kids, and pursue the things that she is passionate about: homeschooling, blogging, and traveling. Living small has taken the pressure off of Brandon, allowing him to take time off when he wants, work on projects he loves and work remote. The freedom that minimalist living allows is the best opportunity they have ever been given.

Have a look at their terrific blog here and find out how they homeschool while living in a bus

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