travel basics

general information for nomads from a to z:

Everything from planning, packing, health and travel insurance, visas, passports, transport, where to stay, what to eat, special needs issues, how to be a minimalist... You can find it all here on this page.

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Information on what luggage is best, what to pack and what not to, and how to pack it for optimum space.


Which countries need visas for how long and where you can get them, costs, passport requirements and all that other good stuff.

Very important details about health, travel and life insurance for travellers.


Food and meal issues can be real problems when travelling. Here there is information for vegetarians, vegans, whole food diets, gluten free, lactose free etc.

There are so many options under this category: camping, eco-villages, hotels, castles, Airbnbs, couch surfing, bnbs…

Information on flying with different airlines, car hire, boats, ferries, buses, bicycle hire, trains, subways and any other mode of transport to get you from place to place.

How to reduce your carbon footprint on the world, and to be more aware of those around you while travelling.


From travelling with autistic children, to needing assistance with sight impairment, deafness, sensory issues and many other disabilities – there is help for you here.