Travel Basics

Special Needs & Traveling Advice

This is such an important category with so many sub-categories: autism, physical disabilities, sensory issues, deafness, speech impediments, auto-immune issues… there are so many special needs (ranging from physical to mental) that can seriously affect the success of one’s travels if one does not plan carefully!  The term “special needs” is used to describe a person …

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Eco-Friendly Travel: Responsible Nomads

Sustainable / Green / Mindful / Eco-Friendly Travel involves creating a positive effect on the communities that you encounter; leaving the place that you visit and stay at in a much better condition than you found it, and not letting your adventures contribute to over-tourism’s negative effects.  But how can you make travel more environmentally friendly …

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Accommodation: Long & Short Term

Confused as to whether you should stay in a: B&b, Hostel, Guesthouse, Apartment, Hotel, Resort, Backpackers, Lodge, Self-catering, Airbnb, Castle, (should you try) Coliving, Couchsurfing, House-sitting, or a Homestay (whew!)? There are many many different types of accommodation for short and long term stays. The links below describe these many different types of accommodation, and …

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